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Treatment For Snoring

When To Seek Treatment For Snoring

Because you know more than a couple of people who snore, it’s easy to dismiss that usual sound as something that should not merit concern. Or perhaps, if you are the one who snores, you would do your best to deny it to avoid further embarrassment. However, those are not the best possible reactions to the problem of snoring. What you regard as a typical sound you hear or make at night can actually affect your relationships. So before things take a turn for the worst, acknowledge that problem. That is the first step towards finding a solution for it.

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Thyroid Lumps

Everything You Need To Know About Thyroid Lumps

The human thyroid gland is a large, ductless gland located in the neck. This gland is responsible for secreting hormones that regulate growth and development through metabolism rate. Lumps that form along this area are called Thyroid Lumps. Most thyroid lump cases are benign, although the small percentage of malignant cases is worth studying closely as well.

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Child ENT Singapore

Child ENT Singapore: Understanding Treatment For Nose Bleeding

Have you heard of epistaxis? In layman’s terms, epistaxis is plain and simple nose bleeding. It is defined as acute bleeding from the nostril, nasal cavity or nasopharynx. Albeit this condition is generally a benign, more often than not it causes significant anxiety especially to parents.

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Ear Nose Throat Doctor

Understanding Vertigo Treatment From An Ear Nose Throat Doctor

Vertigo is not quite an exasperating disease, however, like any other diseases, if left untreated, it may lead to life threatening complications. Basically, vertigo is a medical condition whereby an individual experiences dizzying sensations upon abrupt movements. Albeit usually harmless, vertigo can be a sign of more serious neurological problems that are commonly accompanied by severe headaches, speech problems and double vision.

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Head Neck Specialist

Head Neck Specialist: Keeping Your Ears, Nose And Throat In Good Shape

A Head Neck Specialist is a physician who specialises in otolaryngology. Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine and surgery that primarily deals with diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of the head and neck region. Otolaryngology is also called ENT (ear, nose and throat), and thus otolaryngologists are also called ENT specialists. More specifically, otolaryngologists manage the diseases in the nose, ears, sinuses, nasal passages, larynx, upper pharynx, the face and the neck.

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ENT Specialist

Tips For Finding A Reputable ENT Specialist

An ENT Specialist is a medical doctor responsible for diagnosing and treating disorders of the ears, nose and throat as well as other areas related to the head and neck. In some cases, ENT doctors also perform surgical operations on any of the affected area. This branch of medicine is called otolaryngology. Thus, ENT doctors are also called otolaryngologists.

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Snoring Cure

The Perfect Snoring Cure: Does It Even Exist?

People who have been told that they snore when they sleep find that not only is this ailment rather embarrassing, but it is also alarming. Many people who snore when they sleep suffer from something called sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea causes a person to snore because the air passages are blocked by the tongue when the person is asleep. Such a blockage not only creates the noise called a “snore”, but it can also block the air passage completely.

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ENT Doctors

The Remarkable Role Of ENT Doctors

If doctors were ranked according to popularity based on patient consultation, ENT Doctors would probably end up victorious. This is because more than fifty percent of patients’ complaints are addressed to ENT specialists.

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Paediatric ENT Singapore

Finding The Best Paediatric ENT Singapore Residents Can Trust

You have to admit that finding the best doctor for anything that involves your children is usually treated with more care than when looking for a doctor for adults. Your children deserve the best and in order to find the best, some careful scrutiny is needed. In order to find the best paediatrician that specialises in eye, ear, nose and throat concerns, research is needed.

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Nose Bleed Treatments

Stop The Dangers Of Nose Bleeding With Effective Nose Bleed Treatments From An ENT Centre

The nose is basically a blood vessel-rich organ. This known trait predisposes it to bleeding due to trauma, injuries, allergies or simply nose picking. Although epistaxis can be managed and dealt with at home without professional intervention, such incident must never be underestimated.

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