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Experts In ENT In Singapore-Facts About Sinusitis

It is not really surprising to hear that not all people show concern about their paranasal sinuses. People may be aware of its presence in their body system, but many do not have the slightest idea about its functions. Experts in ENT in Singapore are alarmed about how people do not pay so much attention about the condition of their sinuses. Read the rest of this entry »


ENT Specialist Talks About Adenoid Removal

Adenoid glands are found in the nasal portion of the pharynx, commonly referred to as nasopharynx. ENT specialists say that adenoid removal, or adenoidectomy, is one of the most usual surgeries that they perform. There are cases in which this type of surgery comes along with the operation of tonsillitis. Before adenoidectomy, series of tests have to be completed in order to guarantee that the case really calls for it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maintain Good Vocal Health With Singapore ENT Specialists

Taking Care Of Your Voice With The Help Of Singapore ENT Doctors

Our voice is our means to communicate to others and to express ourselves. For others, their voice is their means to reach their dreams. Aspiring singers must have a gift or at least have had voice lessons to make it big. Self-confidence is important, but it is not all. You should equip yourself with talent and good vocal health to hit the right notes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trusted ENT Specialist At Novena Medical

An Eye, Ear, Nose Specialist At Novena Medical

Ailments concerning ear, nose, and throat are the most common health problems in the world. Everyday, someone is bound to get a cold or a throat infection more than other illnesses. In Singapore, you can go to a trusted ENT specialist with years of experience at Novena Medical Centre.

You may experience having hoarse voice once in a while or you may suffer from sinusitis every now and then. If natural home remedies don’t work anymore, you need to go to a specialist immediately before your condition worsens.

Why Do You Still Need To Consult At Novena Medical If ENT Concerns Are So Common?

Common doesn’t mean easy to treat. Snoring is a common condition in most men, but many are still struggling to cure it. Allergies and sleep disorders are other examples that many have but not everyone knows how to get rid of.

There are ailments that have ordinary and common symptoms that can lead to something more serious. A lump on the neck may be more than just simple swelling; it could be cancerous already. A sore throat may be frequent for some of us, but don’t just leave it untreated especially if it goes on for more than a week.

For little children especially, ENT disorders may become serious. Kids can downplay a cold or another malady, but without treatment, it can lead to something worse. Also, children’s bodies are more fragile when it comes to medicines. They should be given proper diagnosis before they are prescribed medicine.

K.O. Chan Ear Nose Throat, Sinus and Sleep Center at Novena Medical building specializes in sleeping disorders, including obstructive sleep apnoea, and sinus conditions.

There is nothing wrong with consulting with a specialist at the first sign of your symptom. If anything, it is highly urged. Our bodies may be able to handle simple colds and occasional flu, but for more serious ailments, go to Novena Medical for an appointment with K.O. Chan Ear Nose Throat, Sinus and Sleep Center.
Novena Medical

Novena Medical Centre

Novena Medical Centre: The Place To Get The Specialized ENT Care That We Need

Novena Medical Centre: Where You Can Go For ENT Services And Treatments

Ear, nose, and throat maladies are so common that people think they can forego professional advice and just either not do anything about it or treat their conditions with home remedies. While natural treatments, like chicken soup and fruit juices are proven effective in fighting common colds and flu, there are times when you need to go to a specialist.

Herbal home remedies work in healing common ear nose throat health concerns, such as colds, strep throats, and common colds. In fact, the effectiveness of natural remedies has been proven for centuries.

But they are only appropriate to use when your condition is still in its first stages. If your condition seems to have gotten worse, you need to go to an ENT specialist at once. It is also about time to go to Novena Medical Centre and consult an ENT specialist, or an otolaryngologist, if these apparently common illnesses have been bothering you for more than a couple of weeks already.

Why You Need To Go To An Ear Nose Throat Specialist At Novena Medical Centre

There are times when instead of going to the ENT specialist, we go to a general practitioner first. This is fine since we still don’t know the specific ailment we have sometimes. We are even sometimes referred to otolaryngologists by our GPs if they determine that we need specialized care.

You can go straight to an ENT professional if you notice a lump on your neck or throat, which could be something more serious than just a simple swelling. It needs immediate attention as it might be a tumor already. Another instance when you need to go straight to an ENT specialist is if you have sleep apnoa or if your concern is your snoring.

For a specialized ENT care, go to K.O. Chan Ear Nose Throat Sinus and Sleep Centre at Novena Medical Centre. Remember, obtaining expert medical advice is still the best course of action to take. We never know for sure if we need more than just a bed rest if we are not diagnosed properly.

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Free Yourself From Pain Or Discomfort With Read the rest of this entry »

ENT Surgeon

An ENT Surgeon Can Take Your Pain Away

Sinusitis, hearing loss, tonsillitis, and tumors are some of the conditions ENT surgeons treat. These are conditions that don’t only give you pain but also affect your daily life. Some of which, when not treated, can be fatal. Read the rest of this entry »

ENT Specialist

How An ENT Specialist Can Help You

Pam experienced a ringing sound in her ear, which made it difficult for her to hear clearly. She went to see a specialist. Meanwhile, Mark has been dealing with a sinus problem for over a month that’s why he went to see a doctor. What’s the common link between these two patients? Read the rest of this entry »

What A Professional ENT Specialist Does For You

ENT stands for Ear, Nose and Throat, and an ENT specialist is a person who cures all types of ailments relating to these body parts. ENT specialists are trained doctors with specialization in examination as well as any type of treatment, whether operative or medicinal, of these body parts.

A distinguished ENT specialist is capable of dealing with almost all kinds of ear ailments such as hearing problems as well as ear infections. They are also skilled in handling common issues with the nose, such as general allergies to pollen, nasal obstructions and sinuses. Finally, any problem with speech, related to the voice box, or even a problem with swallowing should be well understood by an ENT specialist.

Some of the ENT specialists are also capable of treating certain infections that can turn out to be fatal if not dealt with in time. Many of these experts even perform diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumours.

When visited by a patient, an ENT expert looks into the case history of the patient including previous ailments and treatments administered. This enables the specialist to decide whether your condition needs just medication or an operation.

After understanding your case history, the ENT doctor should carefully examine the affected part. This is quite important as only by a proper examination can an ENT specialist gain a clear understanding of the problem. Various sophisticated types of equipment are used by doctors to study ears, nose and throat in great detail. On the basis of the symptoms and the results of the examination, the specialist will suggest a cure for the ailment.

It is never a problem to find a reputed ENT specialist nowadays as there are many trained doctors in this field throughout the world. For instance, if you are having any kind of problem with your nose, throat, or ears and you are a resident of Singapore, you can either ask your acquaintances about a good ENT specialist or just do a quick internet search with the words ‘ENT Singapore’ to get the contact of one in your locality.