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ENT Specialist Talks About Adenoid Removal

Adenoid glands are found in the nasal portion of the pharynx, commonly referred to as nasopharynx. ENT specialists say that adenoid removal, or adenoidectomy, is one of the most usual surgeries that they perform. There are cases in which this type of surgery comes along with the operation of tonsillitis. Before adenoidectomy, series of tests have to be completed in order to guarantee that the case really calls for it.

ENT Experts-On Dealing With Adenoid Problems

Medications for adenoid infections are initially given to the patients who are experiencing problems with their adenoid glands. ENT specialists even provide alternative ways to treat this problem before jumping to the decision of performing adenoidectomy. However, there are a lot of cases wherein the medications prescribed do not deliver the desired results. In this situation, the ENT experts propose adenoid removal before matters get worse.

There are specific symptoms which point to the need for adenoidectomy such as snoring, difficulty in breathing and sleep apnea. More often than not, a surgery is not recommended except when the dilemma gets in the way for the patient to enjoy a normal functioning.

Children are the ones mostly affected by adenoid problems. Since these little kids are really lured to sweet delights, they often incur chronic tonsillitis which is most commonly associated with adenoid infections.

ENT Doctors Handling The Adenoid Removal Surgery

During the adenoid removal, local anesthesia is employed in the operation. Before the patient is discharged for home, post-operation care for 24 hours is recommended. The patient is closely monitored to observe the effects of the surgery. This type of operation is not at all complicated. But still, the ENT specialist has to follow certain procedure in order to prevent further complications.

After the operation, the breathing pattern of the patient is observed to keep track of the progress of the adenoid removal. Most kids undergo this kind of surgery simultaneously with tonsillitis operation. In this case, stricter rules are required for the post-surgery care.

ENT specialists advise parents to take better care of their kids and meticulously keep an eye on their activities and food intake to prevent this kind of dilemma.

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