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Child Ent For Kiddie Emergencies

Young and small children are by nature playful and naughty. They tend to be curious all the time, picking things and placing them inside their mouths, noses or ears. While it is normal for children to be nosy and mischievous, sometimes, this curiosity of children can do more harm than good. When they up putting foreign objects in their body parts, they can cause alarm especially when these objects are not supposed to be stuck anywhere in their bodies.

Seek An Expert Child Ent For The Curious Kid

Some of the common complaints brought to ENT specialists are a child who curiously swallowed a coin, a little boy who placed an eraser inside his nose or a girl who stuck a cotton bud far too deep inside her ear. These are just some of the common symptoms of foreign bodies in children’s ears, noses and breathing tract (airway).

Some of the objects children usually put inside their ears are food, toys, buttons, or crayons. Sometimes, insects accidentally go inside a child’s ear, causing irritations. Others unintentionally get water inside their ears during baths and swimming. Meanwhile, common objects that children love to put in their noses are usually soft things like tissues, clay, and erasers. They also love to swallow seeds, toy parts, pebbles or stones, nuts, buttons, coins, or grapes.

Go To A Child Ent Immediately When Emergencies Arise

A foreign object inside a child’s ear, nose or throat is a serious case and it must be given immediate and important attention. It is best to seek the help of a reliable ENT specialist who can examine your child and give immediate remedy. If a child accidentally puts a foreign object in his ear, nose or throat, an ENT specialist will use instruments to help pull the object out. An ENT will thoroughly examine the ear, nose or throat to determine if there has been any injury to any of the body parts. Medicines are prescribed by ENT specialists when there are infections or when needed.

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