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Kids ENT

When To Consult Kids ENT Specialist

Does your child sometimes complain that sounds come in clearer from the left compared to the right? Does your child constantly suffer from a runny nose? Or does your child have a constant throat itch the never seems to go away no matter how many throat lozenges you let him take? If your answers to all of these are yeses, then you should probably consult a paediatric ENT right away.

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Head Neck Surgery

What You Should Know About Head Neck Surgery

When you hear the word head and neck surgery it’s scary, is it not? In fact, the word surgery, per se is already scary enough. What more if it involves delicate organs like the head and neck? The head and neck contain the most vital organ of the body which is the human brain and most of the sense organs. The brain controls all bodily functions, furthermore, our five senses depend on the proper functioning of the head and neck. As such, head and neck surgeries are indeed crucial procedures.

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ENT Specialist For Children

Who’s The Best ENT Specialist For Children In Singapore

Children are not spared from ENT diseases. Truth is, kids are susceptible to having ENT conditions because the structures surrounding their entire region of ear, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract are underdeveloped. These premature portions are therefore prone to malfunction.

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Singapore ENT Specialists

Have Sinusitis? Get Treatment Only From Singapore ENT Specialists

Sinusitis happens when there is infection in the nasal passages. It is caused by blockage in the sinus cavity leading to swelling in that area. It is often accompanied by severe pain in the head, particularly in the forehead area. Before you decide to buy and take over-the-counter medicines or succumb to home remedies that worked on other people, it would be best to consult with the real experts on the disease, the Singapore ENT Specialists.

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Sleep Disorder Treatment

Effective Sleep Disorder Treatment Methods

Do sleepless nights haunt you? Do you find yourself awaken by your own snoring? Does anyone notice that you experience difficulty in breathing or you have irregular breathing as you sleep? These may be clear manifestations of a kind of sleep disorder.

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