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Ear Nose Throat Singapore

How Competitive Is Ear Nose Throat Singapore?

Overview of Ear Nose Throat Singapore

Singapore was founded in 1819 as a British trading colony. In 1963, it joined the Malaysian Federation but became independent two years later when it separated. It became one of the world’s most prosperous countries. A Medical School in Singapore was founded in 1905, where boys were recruited and trained as assistant doctors. They were to assist British and Indian Doctors, but this scheme was unsuccessful. Later on, Indian Doctors were recalled by their government. So, Singaporean boys were to be sent to Madras for medical training in their colleges. In 1902, the Committee on English Education proposed that a medical school should be started in Singapore. Thus, The School and Straits and Federated Malay States Government School was founded on July 3, 1905.

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ENT Specialist For Children

ENT Specialist For Children, How Important?

Why Do We Need An ENT Specialist For Children?

Each patient is a part of the society: successful care given to that patient adds value to the society. ENT specialist are very important because children are important part of our society. They have different needs than that of an adult, entirely different attention must be given to them.

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Children Snoring

Children Snoring, Why Is It A Concern?

Snoring babies and young children have been considered cute by some parents. Recent studies show that snoring in children is an unacceptable sleeping behaviour. Some of the predisposing factors of habitual snoring are allergies, common colds, asthma or increase in the amount of activities that trigger extreme tiredness. All of those are proven causes of Children Snoring bouts on extremely rare instances.

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