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Have Sinusitis? Get Treatment Only From Singapore ENT Specialists

Sinusitis happens when there is infection in the nasal passages. It is caused by blockage in the sinus cavity leading to swelling in that area. It is often accompanied by severe pain in the head, particularly in the forehead area. Before you decide to buy and take over-the-counter medicines or succumb to home remedies that worked on other people, it would be best to consult with the real experts on the disease, the Singapore ENT Specialists.

Medications And Clinical Procedures Singapore ENT Specialists Recommend

In the ENT clinic, the specialist will first perform a physical check-up and have you undergo an x-ray to confirm or further probe into the sinusitis problem. Oral drugs specifically made for sinusitis may be prescribed which should arrest the problem in about 1 to 2 weeks.

There are likewise oral drops or sprays which help alleviate nasal obstruction so you can breathe more easily. Singapore ENT Specialists will also advise nasal irrigation and sinus washout which are procedures that can be done inside the clinic.

Antibiotics are also given which target the bacteria present in the upper respiratory tract. If the ailment persists for as long as a month, it is already considered chronic rhino sinusitis, for which stronger dosage may be advised. For more serious conditions and if the disease comes back periodically, sinus surgery may be recommended.

What Singapore ENT Specialists Will Advise You To Do At Home

Continue to take whatever medicines the doctor has prescribed. Make sure to religiously monitor the dosage and the schedule of intake. Include a lot of fluids in your diet. Don’t forget to eat food rich in vitamins A and C such as green, leafy vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, lemon, green and red bell peppers, and other citrus fruits.

Steam inhalation can further help get rid of sinusitis. Also, an important factor in the recuperation process is getting enough sleep and rest to allow the body to completely recover. Make it a point to rest well and avoid strenuous activities.

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