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Nose Bleed Treatments

Stop The Dangers Of Nose Bleeding With Effective Nose Bleed Treatments From An ENT Centre

The nose is basically a blood vessel-rich organ. This known trait predisposes it to bleeding due to trauma, injuries, allergies or simply nose picking. Although epistaxis can be managed and dealt with at home without professional intervention, such incident must never be underestimated.

Any episode of nose bleeding can be indicative of serious health condition. Recurrent nose bleed may be a symptom of leukemia, cardiovascular diseases, blood clotting disorders, nasal tumors, liver problems and Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia.

Different Types Of Nosebleeds And Effective Nose Bleed Treatments

Nose Bleed Treatments that could be done are based on the type of epistaxis that has occurred. Nose bleed can be categorised into two: anterior and posterior. Anterior nosebleed occurs when plexus of blood vessels situated in front of the nose rupture. This particular type accounts for more than ninety percent of nose bleeds. More often than not, anterior nosebleeds are less serious and can be easily treated at home. Posterior nosebleed, though rare, can be dangerous because large branches of arteries and veins can be found at the back of the nose. This type requires immediate medical intervention and admission to the hospital.

Try Nose Bleed Treatments That Resolve Your Untimely Epistaxis

For anterior nosebleeds, simple first aid procedure that is performed at home may suffice as an effective nose bleed treatment. Blood is drained out of the nose by sitting upright and leaning forward. Pinching the soft pliable portion of the nose provides pressure to the ruptured vessels which can stop the bleeding. On the other hand, severe cases of anterior and posterior epistaxis entail Nose Bleed Treatments administered by reliable health professionals. Some treatments may include nasal packings, cauterization and ligation.

Nose bleeds can be pretty alarming if not attended to immediately. Don’t let these frightening experiences endanger your sense of smell. For healthier nasal structures, seek the medical advice of reputable ENT doctors! Call a trusted ENT facility today!

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