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Neck And Head Specialist

What Does A Neck And Head Specialist Do?

A Neck And Head Specialist is a medical expert focusing on complications involving the head and neck, particularly lymph nodes, thyroid lumps, salivary gland infections and tumours, as well as head and neck cancers. These doctors also perform various treatments for these conditions, such as needle biopsy of neck lumps, and various surgeries.

How A Neck And Head Specialist Defines Head And Neck Cancer

A head and neck cancer is a type of cancer that originates in either the head or neck area of the body, usually in the moist areas such as the nasal cavity, salivary glands, sinuses, mouth, lips, larynx, or throat.

The most common causes of any of these cancers are excessive smoking, alcohol use, and the human papillomavirus.

Head and neck cancer’s earliest symptoms include lump growth on any of the possible areas mentioned, a difficulty in swallowing, and sore throat that doesn’t seem to heal. Sore tongue and bleeding on the mouth may also occur.

Neck And Head Specialist Prevention And Treatments

Knowing the risk factors for head and neck cancer serves to warn individuals against excessive tobacco smoking and alcohol use. The high risk factors of this cancer among smokers should serve as additional motivation, if not a warning, to quit the habit.

Early detection of this type of cancer will also go a long way towards its cure. As in many cancer conditions, late diagnosis, which is often a result of ignoring symptoms over a long period, greatly reduces the risks for survival of patients.

It is thereby wise to couple a healthy lifestyle with regular checkups. At the earliest signs of discomfort, it’s most prudent to seek the services of a Neck And Head Specialist to prevent any further complications. A needle biopsy is the first step a specialist will take, and if there is enough cause for surgery, the patient will undergo such procedure to prevent the spreading of cancer cells.

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