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Kids Snoring

Basic Facts About Kids Snoring

Snoring is typical among adults, but this does not mean it’s normal. Similarly, snoring in kids are of the same nature: it is caused by some blockage in the air passages, meaning there is a degree of deficiency in the air coming in and out of the body during sleep.

The sound produced during snoring comes from the vibrations at the back of the mouth whenever air is exhaled or inhaled.

Things You Need To Know About Kids Snoring

Snoring is not supposed to be treated as a normal occurrence. It occurs primarily as a sign of an obstruction in the child’s respiratory system, or even a symptom of sleep apnea syndrome. Not all snoring cases, however, are very serious. Primary snoring, for instance, is nowhere as serious as sleep apnea.

Carefully observe your child’s breathing patterns when sleeping and snoring. Gasping and pausing in breathing are usual causes of sleep apnea, a condition where passageways are so narrowed down that air cannot pass through well, resulting in frequent pauses in breathing until a child suddenly gasps for air. Sleep apnea is often obstructive to a child’s sleep.

How To Treat Kids Snoring

You have to observe your child closely and successively to see if snoring is a regular occurrence. If it is, visit an ENT Doctor, a specialist in ear, nose, and throat conditions.

ENT Doctors will usually conduct tests to your child, such as a full video endoscopic assessment of the airway, as well as a sleep study which can be done at home.

If sleep apnea is diagnosed, your child may undergo treatments ranging from weight management to CPAP, where air is blown to open the child’s blocked airway while sleeping. Your ENT Doctor may also use dental devices, such as pull the tongue and jaw forward, to allow for better inhalation and exhalation.

Still, some cases need surgical treatments. It’s best to consult with a competent and experienced ENT Clinic to know your child’s complications, if any, as well as the best ways to treat them.

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