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Kids ENT

When To Consult Kids ENT Specialist

Does your child sometimes complain that sounds come in clearer from the left compared to the right? Does your child constantly suffer from a runny nose? Or does your child have a constant throat itch the never seems to go away no matter how many throat lozenges you let him take? If your answers to all of these are yeses, then you should probably consult a paediatric ENT right away.

A paediatric ENT, or ear nose throat paediatric specialist, is a doctor who specialises in problems pertaining to the three specific areas mentioned. They diagnose, treat and prevent any problems in those areas, which sometimes can lead to more serious problems. Here are some problems that ENTs can help you resolve.

Kids ENT: Specialist In Ear Pains And Throat Issues

Sounds pretty simple but it can be caused by several things. Does your child’s ear hurt when he moves his jaw? It could be caused by a small boil that developed in his ear. Or it can be caused by excessive build up of earwax that has impacted and hardened through time. Or a foreign body might have found its way inside your child’s ear. These are pretty simple to fix but ear pain can also be indications of infections in the ear so it is best to consult a paediatric ENT right away.

Sore throat is common enough in children that parents don’t see it as a reason to go see a doctor. This is not a good practice. Although the most common form of sore throat, pharyngitis, is viral and normally dissipates in about a week or so. It could also be streptococcal sore throat, caused by bacteria and when left untreated, can lead to inflammation of the kidneys and rheumatic fever.

Kids ENT For Nose Issues

Sinusitis is the most common nose problem there is – and yes, even in kids, sinusitis is common. It happens when the sinuses are blocked because of colds, allergies, etc. It’s not life threatening but can cause a huge amount of discomfort and it can precipitate other problems like sore throat and cough, pain especially in the face area, and bad breath.

Allergic rhinitis, another common ailment in children, is usually seasonal and is being caused by foreign material that the person is allergic to. Symptoms are constant sneezing, congestion of the nose, itchy and watery eyes, and a runny nose. It can be pretty serious as it could lead to secondary infections if untreated.

In modern countries like Singapore, problems like these abound. With modernity comes some modern problems as well; pollution, dust in the air, allergens are everywhere. The good thing is that, the best ENT Singapore has to offer is not more than just a phone call away ready to serve you and your beloved child.

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