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Ear Nose Throat Singapore

How Competitive Is Ear Nose Throat Singapore?

Overview of Ear Nose Throat Singapore

Singapore was founded in 1819 as a British trading colony. In 1963, it joined the Malaysian Federation but became independent two years later when it separated. It became one of the world’s most prosperous countries. A Medical School in Singapore was founded in 1905, where boys were recruited and trained as assistant doctors. They were to assist British and Indian Doctors, but this scheme was unsuccessful. Later on, Indian Doctors were recalled by their government. So, Singaporean boys were to be sent to Madras for medical training in their colleges. In 1902, the Committee on English Education proposed that a medical school should be started in Singapore. Thus, The School and Straits and Federated Malay States Government School was founded on July 3, 1905.

In the past few decades, the Medical field has grown in scope and depth, mainly fuelled by the expansion of knowledge and advances in biomedical technology. Ear Nose Throat Singapore has a modest beginning in the late 1920 and it took nearly 30 years before the first full-fledged Department of ENT in Singapore was established in 1957.

ENT doctor specializes in conducting and treating patients with ear, nose and throat disorder, including sinuses, voice and speech. They also manage patients with and neck cancers as well as surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Why Choose Ear Nose Throat Singapore

Since it started, Ear Nose Throat Singapore has grown steadily in size and stature, expanding its scope and depth of services and has contributed much in caring of the patients. If budget is not the first consideration for a medical holiday, Singapore is about as good as it gets.

Singapore’s reputation for cleanliness extends to its medical facilities and standards of hygiene are as high as they can go on this small South Asian island. Medical staff speak a high standard of English and healthcare infrastructure is comparable with that of western countries.

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