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Snoring Treatment Singapore

The Best Snoring Treatment Singapore Doctors Provide

Due to its prevalence, snoring is often dismissed as a natural occurrence, a condition that any one may exhibit irrespective of his/her age, gender, social status, cultural background and so on. In fact due to its commonness, people seldom bother to visit a doctor and inquire about the type of snoring treatment Singapore clinics are offering.

Common Basis Of Snoring Treatment Singapore Doctors Provide

Treatment for snoring may vary since its causes are numerous. The causes of snoring however can be grouped into two: those which we cannot control (such as genetic predisposition) and that that are modifiable. These classifications therefore hint that treatments for snoring require either a medical treatment or a surgical operation.

Two Types Of Snoring Treatment Singapore Doctors Recommend

If the cause diagnosed fall under the first category, the type of snoring treatment Singapore doctors may recommend is surgery (both invasive and non-invasive). Examples of such causes include narrow throats, enlarged tonsils, short necks and other conditions that predispose a person to snore. Congenital deformities also belong to this category. People with cleft palate, poliomyelitis and muscular dystrophy are at risk of snoring and developing other sleep obstructions such as apnea.

Gender, particularly male, also has the preponderance to the incidence of snoring. The cause of it could be due to their narrower air passages compared to women. Inflammation of the airways may also cause snoring.

On the other hand, the snoring treatment Singapore doctors may recommend for the second classification may involve modification in the eating and sleeping habits of a person. Both obesity and sleeping position can cause snoring. The increase of fat tissues in the throat may cause blockage in the airways, while sleeping in supine position may cause a person’s tongue to fall back, causing obstruction in the airways.

Unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks as well as taking sleeping pills and illegal drugs may also cause snoring. Avoiding such habits will certainly prevent them from making annoying loud sounds at night.

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