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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Effective Sinusitis Treatment: Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

What Is Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

Sinusitis is usually treated with decongestants and antibacterial medications. However, chronic sinus infection can worsen and cease reacting to medications. When these medicines fail to provide sinus relief, the doctor may suggest surgery as an option.

Sinus surgery procedures involve the removal of blockages and unwanted tissues in the sinuses. Sinus surgery unclogs the sinuses to enable the flow of liquid and prevent inflammations because of these substances. The three common types of surgery done to treat sinus infections are functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, image guided surgery, and the Caldwell Luc operation. These procedures are usually done by E.N.T. specialists.

As its name suggests, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery%http://www.entsinus.com# is done with an endoscope. An endoscope is a small and thin instrument inserted to the nasal passage. The endoscope has lens and an eye piece attached to it. The doctor monitors the different areas inside the nasal passage to find out what causes the infection. After the blockage is located, the doctor proceeds to removing it with surgical instruments. The operation can be performed inside the nose, in the partition between the mouth and the nose, and near the eyebrows- depending on the type of sinusitis,

Advantages Of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Procedure.

Endoscopic gets rid of sinusitis permanently. It helps patients get rid of the pressure or pain in different areas in the face, as well as the difficulty in breathing caused by sinus infections. By removing the obstructions in the nasal passage, the sense of smell and taste is also improved. Sinus endoscopic surgery is also used to treat nasal polyps. This procedure is also done to effectively correct deviated sputum and get rid of small tumors that may lead to cancerous growth.

Latest developments in medicine and technology make the endoscopic surgery procedure not painful yet effective. There are no cutting and incision involved. Patients will stay comfortable after the surgery. It is important that treatments and surgeries are performed by licensed E.N.T. specialists to ensure the patient’s safety and the success of the procedure.

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